Online Recorder Ensemble
Join the world's first online recorder ensemble! Try a free class with us and discover a new way to play music together online!
Key Features
  • Play fun songs together in group ensemble class each week! Our performances come together live as everyone plays along!
  • Learn to create your own loop mixes! We teach you to use our application to build your own full ensemble recordings, complete with video!
  • Share your mixes with your teachers each week to get personal feedback to help you with your recorder playing and music skills!
We are very excited to offer this innovative new approach to online music instruction! Our class blends group performance with individualized feedback and practice tools to give your child an exciting experience that blends self-guided learning, professional instruction and group participation.
In this class, we cover core music skills such as note and rhythm reading, listening and playing in tune. These skills provide children with a strong foundation for their musical journeys.
Between our weekly group ensemble sessions, students are encouraged to exercise their creativity by building mixes on their own using the skills we learn in class. These mixes may be shared with their teachers to receive feedback and guidance for improving musicianship.
Recorder is an instrument with centuries of history that's played by professional musicians around the world. But its simplicity also makes it perfect for helping children get creative with music from the start. And the techniques children develop translate directly for whatever paths their musical journeys eventually lead.
Class details and signup
Ensemble classes will begin later this summer, 2023, and meet once per week. Your child's first class will be free, and we will help them get set up using the application. Afterwards the price is $60 per month. This covers participation in the classes and individualized feedback through text or audio messaging. To sign up or learn more, please email us at and include:
  • Your name
  • How many months your child has played recorder.
  • The days and hours of the week that would work best for you. We hope to find times that work for as many children as possible.
For this class, children will need:
  • A Baroque soprano recorder. This is the standard kind used in most schools. We can help you find a high quality, inexpensive instrument.
  • A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS. At this time, tablets are unsuitable.
  • Headphones - These are necessary to prevent speaker sound from interfering with recordings.
  • A microphone. Laptops with built-in microphones are fine.
About the Conductors
Nicole holds a Bachelor of Music degree in cello performance. She has participated in prestigious masterclasses under the guidance of artists such as Clive Greensmith from the Tokyo String Quartet and soloist Amit Peled, among others. Nicole has experience performing in Italy, states throughout the Midwest, and in NY. She is a recipient of a German cello from the Carlsen Cello Foundation and a first place prizewinner of the James and Katherine Andrews Young Artist Competition. Nicole is following her passion for music through teaching fulltime and playing gigs with her trio for the past 10 years. Recorder is the first instrument Nicole ever learned to play. A few years after trying out the recorder, she had the amazing opportunity to take lessons from a professional recorder player who specialized in baroque music. She has been playing recorder ever since.
Tyler is a classically trained musician, music educator and composer. He taught beginning orchestra, piano and guitar in Alaska before focusing on private teaching. Tyler began playing recorder in the mid 1990s when a friend of his needed a duet partner, and he's been hooked on recorder ever since! He began creating applications for music education and performance in 2009 and has spent over a decade building the pieces found in the music collaboration tool used in this class.
Start your own class
If you're a music teacher interested in starting your own online ensemble, we'd love to help you get started! Teaching ensembles over the internet has traditionally been a challenge, but we have a vision for it that we feel can make online instruction a blast for teachers and students alike. Online teaching will never be exactly the same as teaching in person. So rather than try to duplicate that experience, we set out to create something that's unique and leverages the unique possibilities that technology and remote participation offer. It's a different experience that offers new ways for participants to engage and be creative. We'd love to give you a personal demo to show the possibilities and the new audiences you can reach, so please send us an email!